About NDAP DRM System
The National Digital Archives Program (NDAP) in Taiwan has amassed a rich collection of cultural and historical relics. These assets are digitized in order to make a better preservation, while at the same time make them more accessible for users. However, digital contents in digital world differ from objects in real world, it can be easily copied, altered, and distributed to a large number of recipients, which could possible cause copyright infringement and revenue losses to content owner. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the chain of hardware and software services and technologies governing the authorized use of digital content and managing any consequences of that use throughout the entire life cycle of the content (defined by IDC). Here, We integrate digital watermark, cryptography, information protection technology, and rights model to construct a DRM system. In this rights enforcement environment, digital content can be accessed only when certain usage rules are satisfied. Furthermore, a tracking spider will automatically surf on the Internet, and detect the illegal usage of digital content. With the protection and management of our DRM system, the abuse of digital content can be effectively alleviated.